Every project is unique, so design proposals are created to meet each client’s individual design needs. The following is a guideline of approximate costs for each package.  Actual costs will vary based on project size, location, complexity, agency requirements and more.  Please contact us for pricing for your specific project.

CONCEPT - $1,800+

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CONCEPT + DETAILS - $2,500 +

This is the starting point for the design process. This step takes your landscape wants, needs and desires and transforms them into a conceptual plan that fits your yard. The concept phase could include the following:

  • Initial client meeting to review goals and long-term planning

  • Site inventory and analysis

  • Three concept plans that will explore the potential of the yard with the surrounding elements and architecture

  • Final concept plan

  • 3D model and animation of the final concept plan

The details phase is the next step in the design process. This step takes the final concept plan and creates a road map that a landscape contractor or a DIY-er can follow to install the yard of your dreams. The Concept + Details phase includes all the elements from  the Concept phase plus the following:

  • Landscape materials plan and details

  • Landscape planting plan

  • Plant care package

  • Landscape lighting plan


The oversignt phase is the last step in the design process. This step takes the design from paper to your yard. The Concept + Details + Oversight phase includes all the elements from  the Concept + Details phase plus the following:

  • Pre-bid meeting with landscape contractor on site

  • Respond to RFI's from contractors if necessary 

  • Collect and review bids from landscape contractors

  • Assist the contractor and homeowner with value engineering

  • Conduct several on-site visits during the construction process to review the progress and design intent during construction

  • Conduct a final walk thru and review punch list at the end of the project


Are you looking for some loose ideas for your yard?  Maybe you have some ideas, but are unsure if they will work in your yard and  would like to bounce them off a design professional?  We offer two levels of on-site consultation for our clients looking for a little guidance and an expert opinion.


The Basic On-Site Consultation consist of the following steps:

  • Walk the site with the client to review the goals and issues of the project.

  • Produce several free-hand sketches of a possible design solution.  The sketches will list common names of plants and will list generic hardscape items (paver patio, water feature...). The drawings will not be to-scale and are conceptual in nature.

  • All original sketches will be given directly to the client at the end of the consultation.  The design will not be kept on file.


The Advanced On-Site Consultation consists of the following steps:

  • Walk the site with the client to review the goals and issues of the project.

  • Create a CAD (Computer-aided design) base map (all measurements from Goggle Earth) to create a semi-accurate, to-scale drawing.

  • Produce a design solution on the CAD base map. The drawing will be to-scale and will show individual plants and list generic hardscape items (paver patio, water feature..)

  • A PDF will be e-mailed to the client, and the design will be kept on file should it become lost or damaged.


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